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Thank you so much for this information. I am about to go in for my interview and was thinking along these lines, having the class participate in the lesson. Now, I am a little more confident in what I am planning. One question, how do you think the interviewers will feel about "career changers"? I have been out of school for a while.

Yes, but I don't know what to DO! I have been looking for inspiration all DAY! ALL WEEK!

Denise, career changers are fairly common, at least here in NYC - I have worked with several and I don't think there is a stigma against them at most places. Often they can bring an extra element to the classroom from their personal experience that first-career teachers like me can't.

In terms of what you should do for your demo lesson (to L Eckert), choose something you feel very confident about so that you can easily answer questions or modify the lesson on the fly as you teach. For a 5 minute demo, it's ok to choose something very basic. For mine, I did the Scientific Method. Others that I have seen have been on names of fruits in Spanish, counting money for elementary math and structuring an essay for high school English. The topic actually matters less than the delivery in most cases, especially when you are first starting out. Hope that helps!

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